Our Photo Shoot

I have started a somewhat unsustainable habit of having Jill cut my hair. She lives in Knoxville; I live in DC and somehow I have managed to meet up with her while we are both at home. After some pretty awful haircuts while living here, I think that it is worth the six hour drive and crazy cutting times. This time, Jill cut my hair at 10 am, mainly because I was late.

When I realized that I wouldn’t make it to church, I opted to do a photo shoot of Lucy in her Sunday’s best instead. We did however manage to walk out to the church and be there waiting for everyone to leave. These are some of my favorite shots. There is a slide show of all of the shots at the end.

I realize looking at these pictures that I really need to learn how to hold her with a normal posture, not my exaggerated crooked pose.

her little mole face

teeny hand

look at those little feet

starting to doze

with Grandma, Grammy, Mimi… still undecided


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