Oraganize vs. Sheding: Good Advice for Nesting Mode

I have needed to clean out my closet for a long time now – way before I found out I was pregnant. Now that I am in my fifth month and miserable with too much elastic on my abdomen, I really need to take the plunge into the depths of my closet. Henry even tried to accuse me of hiding his favorite pair of jeans under piles of shirts. Too bad… he left them in Florida over Christmas.

Not only do I want to clean out my closet at home, but also at my parents’ house, which they have lived in for over 32 years. Wow! This is an overwhelming process. But it is now or never… or in the face of the tough reality of when they have passed on from this world. I can’t wait that long. I need to have a well-organized space to store all of these baby treasures I expect to get in the coming months.

So I am going to NC this week to start the process. I know that this will cause my father’s heart to palpitate. Don’t worry. I am just going through MY STUFF. I have tried to explain to him for years that if you can’t find it, you might as well not have it. Right?

I was excited to come across this list by Julie Morgenstern of House Beautiful of how to your closet and life in order, by not just organizing, but shedding items that no longer reflect who you are. Perfect timing!

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  1. Darryle

    Hi Caroline,
    I hope when you clean out your closet, you might try to “cluttercast” depending on what you find. Good for you to be doing this now—rather than later–like me. I still have things from my own first pregnancy….25 years ago. Yikes.

  2. Caroline Armijo

    Thanks for the idea, Darryle!

    I actually only cleaned out my current clothes closet and my brother’s closet at my parents. I am giving myself another week in late March if all goes as planned.

    But I did have some definite emotions going through those clothes! Ugh! Look for that soon.

    Best, C

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