Operation Weatherproofing: Ballerina Girl

Baby, it’s cold outside. While we missed the first polar vortex, we did not miss last week’s attic air. I found our thermostat dropping farther and farther as the cold winds blew through the area. Was my furnace broken? It was certainly running.

Yesterday was a gorgeous respite to our winter blues. Lucy cried when we had to leave the playground early to meet with heating guy at home. He was also frustrated when he saw our furnace. He grumbled over and over again, "I hate it when they do this." Finally he said, "It’s working!" I already knew that. The furnace had no trouble keeping up once we were back in the thirties.

So the problem seems to be our insulation. I knew that and had been fantasizing about insulating every nook and cranny of our house. So here it goes – the first attempt to take simple steps to warm up our house.

Our kitchen was added on in the early 90s. And while the windows aren’t drafty like the ones from the 20s, they do pop open and cold air enters at the bottom of the window. I asked our handy man about it. He said there was nothing you could do or replace to hold them in place. Not true.

I bought a ziplock bag full of these vintage ballerinas a year or so ago. I intended for Lucy and I to make our own Joseph Cornell inspire collage. Instead, they prevent the window from popping open. They stand up to the job much better than the piece of folded cereal box. Hooray! Look for these lovely ladies dancing around our kitchen.

Please share your favorite way to weatherize.

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