on the right track

While waiting to see Capote, I sat down on Sunday night and went through the classes I want to take this spring. I made some hard decisions and today I finally registered for the classes with Paul Johnson at The San Francisco Center for the Book. Although the Saturday and Sunday classes are full, I am still excited about the three other classes that I plan to take on Tuesday and Wednesday. I am very excited.

Soon after calling Sherri to see if we could meet up on the West Coast, she left a message that Brides Magazine had contacted her about featuring my fortunehearts in a story about wedding favors. How exciting!!! I must be on the right track. Today felt like a very productive day. I also spent some time writing and working on my Remembering Life project. Someone told me once that the more energy I put into my business and my work, I will get back. I guess she was right.

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