Oliver at One!

Oliver at One! by carolinearmijo
Oliver at One!, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Everyone tells you that your children will be opposites. They do look a lot alike, but not exactly. However they have IDENTICAL mannerisms. Oliver will do or say something and I will tell Lucy that she sounded the exact same way. It is like we are reliving her childhood before our eyes.

But a few things are very different. Bath time, brushing teeth and even brushing hair. Lucy hates all of those things. Oliver does not, which is a complete relief. Last night during bedtime story time, Lucy brushed Oliver’s hair. I had just brushed hers, much to her displeasure. Then she brushed his. He just sat there with his eyes closed, making a funny face. He liked it! And today he wanted to brush his own after I brushed mine.

Oliver is saying a few words. Mama and dada were his first. I’ve heard him say book, get down, more, and this week’s addition, nana. He loves bananas. He also called Lucy Gul several weeks ago. Is that because he knows she is a girl? I don’t know. But we will find out as his vocabulary evolves.

Oliver is primarily a vegetarian. Although this morning he did enjoy smoked salmon for breakfast. Otherwise, he loves fruits and anything green. He also enjoys almost any bean. He has never let me feed him, not even the pouches. Except yesterday, he ate quite a bit of frozen yogurt with my help.

Today I experienced his first tantrum associated with clothes. I put on a shirt with a dog and balloon on it. That was fine. But then I put on a pair of khakis with a button and zipper. He started pulling on his shirt and making it very clear that he did not want to wear what I put on him. No way. Wow. That early? His dad can be particular about clothes, as well as Lucy. But I had no idea O would be so opinionated on Day One of One.

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  1. Sarah D.

    For a long time, Jed substituted Gs for Ls and I think he used the L sound in place of Y or E at the end of words, if I’m remembering correctly… so maybe Oliver is saying Lucy, just in Oliverspeak.

  2. Caroline (Author)

    Good call, Sarah! I am enjoying Oliverspeak. Tonight he said Bird and Ball, which isn’t new. I need to do a better job of keeping track.

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