Oliver at Nine Weeks

Last night I tried to write a post about Oliver at two months, which was Saturday. I couldn’t manage. I was exhausted and had a blistering headache because I did not drink enough coffee yesterday. All I wrote was this:

Oliver turned two months old yesterday. I am tired. I am certain that life is less stressful than two months four years ago, but I wish I knew then how easy it was. A small condo, no yard, no four-year old. Now more things roll off my back out of necessity. And somehow it’s all more relaxing. I think I’ve accepted that I’m not going to accomplish much and this phase does not last forever. For example, this picture (not included) was not taken yesterday and its the best that I have for the day before Oliver turns two months.

I gave up and took a nap until 9 pm. We had a very full holiday weekend, so I think we were all exhausted, but in a content way. Except for O. He was super restless.

This morning I realized that Oliver was in his second leap according to the Wonder Weeks. I also read this thread on Twitter that made me realize I shouldn’t panic. I asked Henry to come home after his lunch so that Lucy and I could get dressed and put Oliver in the sling. No sense in fighting it at this point.

Tomorrow Ollie has his two month checkup. He gets three shots and a spray. So I’m expecting this week to only get worse.

I just read more about his developmental leap, so I’m better equipped with ways to entertain him. I’m also about to search for some mobiles on Craigslist. In two weeks, it will be time to bust out the playpen. I don’t want to waste a minute of that free play time.

I did reread the post from Lucy at two months, included earlier. Thankfully, I am not pumping at this point in my life and haven’t for weeks. Back then, I had just written in my journal for the first time at two months. So today I counted how many times I initiated writing in my journal, meaning some entries are just a paragraph. I have written twenty times since May 6th. Wow! I am impressed.

To be fair, I also need to compare how many blog entries were written in the same amount of time. I was a blogging machine four years ago, but not so much now. Well, I just counted. I have written 42 posts since Oliver’s arrival and 51 posts in the same time period for Lucy. So I’m not that far behind! I have at least four drafts I’ve started and failed to publish. This month! I promise.

Oliver is really growing. I don’t expect him to make it to the three month mark before we move into the six month size. Several onesies no longer snap. I am more concerned about the car seat. His head is so close to the top. There is no way we will make it to Christmas, which is when we made the switch with Lucy (I think). Granted she rode in Cama’s car seat last week and she is ready to make the switch ASAP.

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