Off My List

Off My List

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my motto was “imperfect is better than unfinished.” One of those tasks was Lucy’s birthday card/thank you notes. They are one of the few projects I have tried to maintain over the lengthy two years of her life – a postcard for her birthday and one around the holidays. I think it’s something I can easily manage with a second child, as well.

Many people talk about how hard it is to photograph a toddler. They are right! It seems that now she is more interested in holding the camera or looking at the screen than letting me take a million pictures.

So I opted to go with a few from our birthday celebration back home. Even though she has cake on her face and her hair is totally sweated up. Insert motto here. I almost added the caption “It was hot!” but refrained. Plus the pictures are darker than I hoped. But that’s okay. Now I just need to write a few thank you’s and send a few postcards to other people who have the complete collection. If you would like one or help with creating your own, please let me know. At printing cost of about fifty cents each, it is a practice hard to beat.

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