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Okay, okay, there is life after the inauguration. Whew! Yesterday was all about art and new projects, groups, opportunities. And today is all about the nursery. I am measuring, taking pictures and looking at the endless purchase options online. Rumor has it that a few special people are planning a shower for me TONIGHT! So I have to leak a few of my ideas. I know that my mom is very eager to find out what they are.

The room is very small. (And according to Meredith, very cold!) I did know that. So I am thinking of keeping a light, bright neutral palette of predominantly white and pale greens, with punches of bright colors. I want it to be clean, modern, and whimsical.

Plus since the space is SO SMALL, I have to be super conscious of the size of each piece. Plus I have to love it 100%. I don’t have a lot of room for error because we don’t have any storage space. Urban living with a baby could be one of my biggest challenges yet.

I love the color palette of this alphabet print, featured on one of my new favorite blogs, Ohdeedoh.

Personalize it here from Penny People Designs via Etsy.

Plus I have had this soft green fabric for years! I was thinking that it would be perfect to use for curtains. Although, I may consider getting a second opinion first. But I thought that this sweet little curtain rod from Land of Nod would be a nice way to hang them.

(Although I am still not 100% on these…)

I am not painting the walls, except for the walls inside of my closet.

I love this color, Eggshell in Chameleon, by Benjamin Moore, which was featured in this nursery in Domino Magazine. I haven’t seen a swatch in person, but this is a diving off point.

A year ago, I would have vowed to investing in the Stokke Sleepi System. But with the economic downturn, I was relieved to find an alternative. After much debate, deliberation, and consultation with friends, I am going with the Da Vinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib in white.

At one tenth of the price, I can still roll the baby down the hall to Rocky’s house when we go over to watch the game. Meredith promises that when they are babies, they will sleep through a hurricane. That is a good thing, especially if he has a lot of money on a game.


I don’t really have a set theme, just the feel I described above. Maybe Urban Baby living in Chinatown? Since the bedding is pretty limited for the mini crib, I was hoping to make a skirt out of this remnant I bought many years ago at Printer’s Alley in Raleigh. I am pretty certain that it was maybe 2000. I would love to find some more of this fabric, but I have no clue who the manufacturer is. (I am really hoping that Holly at decor8 can help me, please!) Worse comes to worse, I will use it to make a large pillow for a chair and use some solid colors to compliment.

Plus, I plan to keep these paper lanterns and maybe add a few more.

And I love this little jade plant that I salvaged from Grandma’s. The owl is quite tender.

I love love love this lampshade I found on Etsy from DotandLine. But I need to check the size of my lamps, which are in mom’s attic. Plus, I need two.

Wish List/Major Purchases

+ Ikea’s Expedit Bookcase, seen above minus the desk
+ Elfa System for the closet, which will include the changing table
+ A rug… still searching
+ An upholstered swivel/glider (At this point, I’m leaning towards Pottery Barn Kids. But I could be swayed.)

Major Craft Project
Apartment Zero has these great felt wall hangings, which I was unable to find on their web site. With the record below average temperatures. I am inspired to co-design our own wall hanging in a white felt. I will definitely keep you posted if that happens. It may just be today’s fantasy.

For a full slide show of some artwork and inspiration…

Okay, that’s all I have swimming around my brain for now.

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  1. carolinagirl

    Oh I just love a nursery!!! Maybe that’s because I wasn’t in a position to do either of the boys’ rooms since we moved (6 weeks after Brendan and 3 months after Jackson). Now we are making an offer on another house tomorrow (bigger) and putting ours on the market. With 5 people in our house soon, we need more SPACE! I’m not sure how you do it!

  2. Caroline Armijo

    That is exciting news about your new house! Henry and I both talk about our desire for more space. But living here and the place next door (596 sq ft) totally made me rethink everything I bring into my house. It has been a three and a half year hyper-organization challenge!

  3. EliseBlaha

    Caroline! how fun! I love those name prints. such perfect colors.

  4. Caroline Armijo

    Thanks, Elise! Of course, if you have something like this, you will have to let me know.

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