So far there’s:
Little Lucy
Lulu Bear
Kitten (because she sounds like a kitten crying when she’s furious)
Willow (from Lisa because of her long limbs)

But her grandmother does not have a name! I imagine that Martina will be Abuela or some variation. But Mom hasn’t fully decided. She did try out Grammy. I asked if that was related to her love of music.

So we are looking for suggestions. I’m guessing Memaw is out, because I, like Kenneth on 30 Rock, had a Memaw. And I still have a Grandma, my mom’s mom. I’m not certain if there is room for two in the family. Maybe…

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  1. Matt and Taylor

    My mom is Silas’s “Grand,” which I think is pretty… well, grand.

  2. Sarah Fitzpatrick

    My mom is Gigi to dylan — we love it and Dylan especially loves to say it… dad is Papa…

  3. Being Shrimanker

    I like Mimi, but Weston has a Granna and Poppy.

  4. Stellas Sweets Shop

    As Meredith said above…my neices and nephew call me “Mimi”…but I think “Nana” is pretty cute too 😉

  5. Sarah

    How about “yaya”? Fun to say and kind-of like Yvonne. We’re aiming for Marmie for Marlene and Grandma for my mom, but who knows what he’ll pick! My great-aunt was Nunu (like new-new) to her grandchildren… no idea how she got that.

  6. Sue Goode

    We called our Grandmother “Oma” (Dutch), which I love. I also like Mimi, though. (Lucy is gorgeous, by the way… I think she’ll be tall, by the look of her hands and feet!)

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