New Pub from Lulu: This Week’s Priorities

Sometime during the fall, I realized that I needed yet another journal to help me prioritize my week. I had these long lists of things that I needed to do, but they included a few items that I kept listing each list after list. I just needed something to help me figure out what to do with plenty of time. I don’t have the luxury of procrastinating anymore.


So I grabbed this little journal from my bedside table. I am not sure how it got there, but it was the perfect size. I just needed something super simple.


Each spread includes my priorities for two weeks at the top with one week per page. Then I have space for one line per day below. Finally a space for notes at the bottom. Easy and effective.

So I wanted a printed one. Should be simple enough. And it was. I sat down one Friday night and created exactly what I wanted in a couple of hours and uploaded it to Lulu, the online book publisher based on Raleigh, NC. Ta-da… Here it is. This Week’s Priorities.


And here are the last couple of weeks were we didn’t manage to do anything because we were sick.


I also added a couple of pages in the front, but I tried to keep text and information to a minimum. Ideally I wanted a printed Moleskine. I found this to be the closest alternative. I had to include my name on the front cover in order to receive one of Lulu’s ISBNs.

Title Page

First Page

First Spread reads RIGHT NOW on the left page and I HOPE on the right. I probably need to think a little more about these entries over the next week or so. Maybe that will make the last spread more meaningful.

It reads LOOKING BACK and LOOKING FORWARD. This is a great place to write down what has happened over the last sixty documented weeks and what you will hope will come out of the next.


And finally the back cover.

The copy reads:
The weeks fly by. Stay on top of this week’s priorities with this simple pocket journal. Map out basic events for the week by listing activities next to each day. Then find time to accomplish your priorities in the space between. Jot pertinent notes beneath. Bulging to-do lists are kept elsewhere. Sixty weeks of undated pages allow you to pick up where you last left off. Besides, everyone needs a little extra time. And a place to record your hopes and accomplishments.

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