New Park + First Easter Egg Hunt!

Tenth Street Park

There is a new park a few blocks away! We are so excited. I didn’t know anything about the Tenth Street Park until we began having our meetings about a playground. It is located on 10th Street between L and M NW. I walked by it a couple of weeks ago and then again today on an outing with Lauren. By chance the developers were just packing up from their ceremony. We jumped on the chance to have a sneak peek.

The park includes a grassy area close to the entrance. Plus there are plenty of picnic tables. There is some spongy play turf in the back of the long skinny park and a strange rock climbing play thing. Sorry for a lack of better words. And a lack of a picture. I am not sure that Lucy will be playing on the rock anytime soon, but she loved the water flowing across the top of the marble ball.

I am most excited about the Easter Egg hunt! It was originally planned for Saturday morning. Henry was going to have to take Lucy without me. But the Easter Egg Hunt has been postponed until this Sunday from 12-2. Hooray!

We had planned to have her birthday party at the Arboretum, but maybe we should have it at Tenth Street Park instead!

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