New Baby Gear

New Baby Gear by carolinearmijo
New Baby Gear, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

We received a few Target gift cards and this was our big purchase! Something to hold the baby. With Lucy, I didn’t have anything that shaked, rocked or bounced. I did have a bouncy seat, but I had to use my foot until she got old enough to bounce herself. There were several times that I went to the Target in Columbia Heights and stared at bouncy seats longingly. I left empty handed every single time. Every empty inch of those 1100 sq feet were precious. However this time we have more than twice the space and I am prepared!

Known as the Tiny Love 3-in-1 Rocker Napper, this bassinet is supposed to vibrate, play music, and be a great place to sleep. I have no idea if this is the best option, but it looked relatively small and manageable. Fingers crossed, Baby Armijo will be content. This is his bed for the first few weeks.

Lucy seems to manage the bassinet by herself without any problems. She can remove the toys from the mobile (throw them on the floor) and swing it out of the way. Since Henry put the machine together, I have no idea if he installed the batteries. She has not figured out how to turn on the music as far as I know. I’m taking that as a good thing.

But I do need to wash the bedding now, as I do the crib bedding. Lucy and Henry have been all up in the beds like they don’t know a fresh new baby is arriving any minute. Lucy has been testing the weight limit and pretending she is a baby every day. Henry puts his clothes in the crib every night, which means he is covering all of those sweet little baby toys, my Boppy and sheets with pollen. I finally got through to him this week, but it is too late. I need to do another nursery wash and wipe down. Sigh. What’s the point in nesting early when you have to do it all again?

Aside from the bedding, I am ready for the baby. Technically I have more items on my list. But doesn’t this baby know that I always like to leave a few things unfinished? I keep shuffling to dos from one reminder list to the next. So maybe I need to empty the iPhone reminder list I named the Final List! I am ready as I’ll ever be. Granted I meant to install the car seat tonight. The baby must know I’m the only one in the family who knows how to install car seats and he’s not budging until I do it!

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