Name Collection: Bo’s Ancestry Account

Around the beginning of the year, I found a purple journal full of to-do lists. I knew it had been a full year since I used the journal because this was the very last list I found. These are names we collected when Bo and Kate came over on January 2nd, 2013. Kate was in town from LA and wanted to see our house. We were still at a loss for a name and I wanted some ideas from our family tree. Here they are in their unedited glory:

Littleberry Benjamin Watts
Young Truelove
Lewis Cyprus Marshall
Mary Elizabeth Tuttle
John Chambers Davis
Peter John Avent
Lewis Blum
Gray Bynum
Johann Jacob Blum
Matthaeus Krause (1720- Christina B Bohner)
Johann Gottlieb Krause
Hans Martin Walk
Thomas Nicholas Marshall
Gray Grover

I typically link to the meaning of the names in these name collections, because for whatever reason that is important to me. But here I linked to where I could find them online. I got caught up in some of these links and this post has taken me a week. So I’m going with what I have at this point.

I learned some very interesting things, including my great-grandfather Matthaeus was married in the Great Wedding, which sounds a lot like my vague childhood memory of the Moonies. Bo says that he was one of four to scout the land for the Moravian settlement in Bethania, returned to Pennsylvania and returned with his wife.

Apparently Littleberry was known as "Little B." I really wanted to name a girl something that would allow me to call her Bea. So tonight I’m wondering if I missed my opportunity. We did know someone from UNC named Little and I adored that name.

I didn’t have much time to ponder Little Armijo. As you see from the list, Oliver is not included. It was not even on my radar screen. But as we sat there talking and staring at, Bo suggested Oliver. Since Gray is my middle name and I found that it meant pleasant, I was happy to tack it on to most anything. I said something about Oliver Gray and I received a huge kick. He wasn’t really that active yet, so it was his first BIG kick. I felt like this was the closest thing to help me pick the name. Being so close to Christmas, I was even envious that Mary was told to name her baby Jesus by an angel. I was THAT uncertain of what to name him. At the time, I wasn’t a thousand percent sold, but I noticed that I stopped searching the Internet every night for names. It stuck. Granted I reserved the right to change his name on the baby sprinkle invitation.

I need to unearth another list of names that we discussed in Florida. I believe a few voices were raised over some of the names I scribbled down. Sadly I can’t remember if that was for Lucy or Oliver.

More on Oliver’s name later. Or should I say Little B.

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