My vision for the Chinatown Market

Maybe I have watched too many Oprah episodes, but I am trying a new approach to the issue with the Chinatown Market at the corner of 6th and H. No offense to the people who like to hang out on our sidewalks all day (except for when the market is closed), but we would like to see a market that serves the needs of the community over those who like to hang out here. The community being all of the new buildings that keep popping up and the Chinese community who have lived here for years.

One of my first memories of the market was in the summer of 2004. Henry was summering and we ate our 4th of July meal at Chinatown Express. We left the restaurant and our friend wanted to buy some cigarettes. She headed across to the Chinatown Market. I refused to go. Straight up, it looked completely seedy and I was not about to cross the street. Now we live two doors down. It is amazing how the neighborhood has changed! But I would like to see it continue to evolve into the wonderful neighborhood that it is.

This morning when I was writing in my journal, I thought maybe we need to have a new approach. Maybe we need to consider the power of positive thinking. It has worked with my parking experience over the last two years. I decided to start focusing on the three oranges inside the cooler crammed inside of the market being liberated in a box full of oranges lining the outside walk. I would love to see a wall of bright vibrant fresh produce and flowers on the nook in our sidewalk. Plus I think that the current employees would enjoy a new clientele a lot more, too. They are a little on edge.

I see something like the New York specialty markets – something simple and unpretentious. I am all for small business and local owners. Why do we need to go to Virginia for a great Chinese market with fresh produce when we live next to THE Chinatown Market? I am not really interested in how many different flavors of Mad Dog 20/20 you can get. Nor the effects that it creates on “the party” on the sidewalk. Maybe this vision is a little selfish of me to fulfill my desire to live the life of Amélie. But join with me in squinting your eyes as you walk down the street adding images of oranges and daisies in the place of beer signs, dumpsters and unks. If it works, maybe we can get on Oprah. And doesn’t everyone want to do that?

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