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On Wednesday night, we gathered to celebrate my birthday on the patio at Poste. I had no idea, but they have real furniture out there, including this pod and a couple of three poster beds along with chairs and tables. It was like discovering your own little living room outside in the city. So how could you resist sitting in a little pod like this, especially when it is your birthday. It’s the perfect to place to open presents.

I was extremely excited to open my gift from Shannon, which few of the guys were able to appreciate. She gave me a bottle of Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Cream. We first discovered this life-changing product when we were in DC last summer.

Shannon came with me to check out my new apartment so that I could plan which furniture to bring. The air conditioning was not working and we were completely dying from the heat. You do not want to sleep on a plastic aerobed with no a/c in DC summer heat. I believe that the city was also experiencing unusual summer highs, too. While shopping in Georgetown, I saw the bottle on the shelf in the Kiehl’s store. I asked the woman working if it really worked. She was pretty non-chalant and said that a lot of people liked it. So I bought a bottle. I know that $10 is a lot for deodorant, but it was worth a try since nothing else works for me.

This is not something that most women are willing to admit, but in my late-twenties all deodorants stopped working for me. I especially had problems any time that I was wearing something sleeveless that allows for skin on skin action. Also any non-cotton fabric resulted in a small odor problem. Henry swears that he has never smelled me. But I could. And as my Grandmother Merritt always said, “If you can smell yourself, then people have been smelling you for a lot longer.” So when I discovered the Kiehl’s, it was a miracle. Shannon and I sniffed our fresh clean armpits all the way back to North Carolina. And I have been sharing the story ever since.

Henry told me this morning that I am embarrass him when I start testifying about Kiehl’s. I would honestly sell it door to door. It is that fabulous. I run into people sometimes and I resist the urge to share it with them. I am a Southerner. I can’t be that rude. But I know of at least a dozen people who I have turned on to the Kiehl’s. I usually buy two bottles at a time so that I don’t worry about running out. I use approximately one a month. And when they say that it is superbly efficient, it is in more than one way. I just think of all of the money I have saved on dry cleaning. Plus, no white marks. Just be sure to let it soak in like a lotion before you get dressed. Stop reading and go buy some! They carry it at Kiehl’s, Blue Mercury and Nordstrom. That is useful info that we all need in case of emergency.

Sorry, Henry.

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  1. Renee

    Let me join the Kiehl’s choir. This product is beyond fabulous. I am one of the cheapest people that I know, yet I have no problem shelling out $10 for this wonderful deodorant.

  2. ECB

    After her trip to DC and her discovery of Kiehl’s deodorant, Caroline introduced the product to me. Indeed, it is superbly efficient. It is so efficient that I use it on all things that one might consider a “pit” on the body. Yes, down there too. Kiehl’s is THAT efficient.

    The first time I tried Kiehl’s deodorant, I was confused by the applicator and I squirted the lotion-like deodorant into my hand and then I rubbed it onto my underarm. Needless to say, it was hard to get off my hands…it rubbed off onto my steering wheel and at some point, it got into my mouth. So, while my first experience using the product was a little daunting, I had fresh pits, and fresh breath all day long.

    To properly apply Kiehl’s deodorant, place the tip of the deodorant tube directly onto your arm pit and then squeeze it like a tube of toothpaste or tube of lotion. Do not squeeze it into your hand.

  3. the Rab

    is it strong enough for men but made for women or what?

  4. the Rab

    happy belated caroline. sorry i’m late but we were in disney world last week. see my blog for videos and i’ll send you some links to pix. the boys had a blast.

  5. Anonymous

    I, too, am a devotee of the Kiehl’s deodorant–well, worth the $10.50. Not just for the chicas, mi amigos.

  6. Kiehl's Since 1851

    Thank you for your wonderful comments! Your feedack means a lot to us. Greetings and best wishes from all your friends at Kiehl’s.

  7. Harper

    Wow… sounds nice. Your deodorant must also smell great.

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