My little baby

My little baby by carolinearmijo
My little baby, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Today Lucy and I headed to ArtQuest before ballet. I love ArtQuest, because I can make art right along with Lucy. And it is like having unlimited access to an art studio with minimal clean up. Seriously … dependent on your needs, ArtQuest could be your art studio for a minimal annual membership. I love it.

Today I was feeling really sad and stuck. I haven’t had any contractions since Monday. I was seriously worried that my labor had stalled out. So I really needed a little art therapy. I painted, made a baby I could hold in my hand and folded a little bee hive.

Making the bee hive was the trick. I found a picture from a magazine in a bin and started the accordion fold I used for my Forty Forts. All the while, Lucy was busy gluing together layers of paper. I had forgotten how to make the fold. But after a little practice, I finally got back into the flow. Then came a contraction. Hallelujah!

Yesterday I did a search and learned that I have prodromal labor. Also known as false labor, I have random contractions up until my real true labor. This happened with Lucy and seems to be happening now. Except for the last couple of days.

I head back to the doctor in the morning to find out how far along I have progressed. Here’s hoping for a few more centimeters! And maybe a busy weekend.

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