My first work day at the studio

Today was my first work day at the studio. After at least a dozen
trips with my little grandma cart, I am finally all moved in. Last
night, Henry took the lead on building this great shelf and desk unit
from Ikea, along with a rolling file shelf.

I spent a fair amount of time putting things in their place. The
problem is I have so many different containers that I’m not sure what
is hidden where. So, I TPA’d (temporarily put away) my supplies and
cleaned off a space to work. This large table was irresistible. I
desperately needed to begin work on my final book project for my
sculptural book class.

So I sat down and began to plot the shape of the scar on my right hand
on an enlarged grid. This involved a little more math than I could
comprehend. Hmmm… I was tempted to contact Vince via Facebook and
ask him how to plot out this ambiguous shape. After a struggle with
counting tiny squares, I realized that I could simply draw points
based on the larger grid and connect the dots. Perfect! Besides it
doesn’t need to be perfect. It’s my art project!

So we will see how it goes. I am quite nervous about it. How did I
allow a seven week project turn into a two week project? At least now
the pressure is on.

Come by and monitor my progress this Friday evening and Saturday
afternoon (12-5 pm) at F Street Arts, 923 F Street, NW, Suite 202. The
Holiday Market will be happening at the same time on F Street in front
of The National Portrait Gallery. Bring your Christmas list and shop
handmade this year.

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