My Final Souvenir: What You Seek is Already Yours

I finally finished my piece inspired by Paris this week. I had an idea around the end of October after my opening at Pyramid Atlantic. The large wooden book with the red silk blood pouring out of it was the source of my inspiration. I wanted to use the wooden canvases. And slowly over the next six months, I plugged away at it, which I frequently shared on Instagram. Well, really four months.

Using the @goldiblox ribbon to measure for my final art project.

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Measuring my binding materials

Creating the collage

More collage work and the title of the piece

Not making any promises this is going to work. I think the collages need to be longer.

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When I realized the binding wasn’t going to work out as planned

When I realized that I am supposed to be writing about Art and Play

Making progress on my final #Souvenir piece. Henry didn't want me to hide the #collage strips. They fit perfectly in the back. #miracle #woohoo

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Discovering the collages fit perfectly in the back

Seeing them all side by side

Even though I had no idea what I was doing, I proceeded to bind the pieces together anyway. The bottom canvas fell off. So I tried again here.

Done. After six months. Tomorrow I'll make a video of the Jacob's Ladder at work in case it only works once. #Souvenirs #Paris #sculpturalbook

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This time I added dozens of nails, sealing this works fate. I don’t know that I can hide it if it fails.

A video of it working

YouTube Preview Image

And, of course, there is the fate of the piece.

So I have mixed feelings about this. Of course. But I believe in the art. There is always magic and messages in the art, which is why I am dedicated to practicing it. So there is one part of me that wants to fix it and submit it to a show in Texas and … But I think that this series and this piece and my journals keep telling me over and over again that I need to focus on writing. I am just too hard-headed to hear it. So for now, I will display my final piece as it is and, like the small foot walking off the canvas, move on.

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