My favorite Crafty Bastards

I just left the Crafty Bastards at Pyramid Atlantic. I probably didn’t
linger as long as I would have if it wasn’t so hot out. I saw a man
trying to comfort a crying baby. She was probably trying to say, “Dad,
are you crazy? Get me back in the a/c. I’m tired of sweaty diapers.”

I did go inside and make a little accordian book with a folded paste
paper cover. Not exactly precise. I had to make a few cuts once I
finished, but I got the general concept. Another reason to make more
paste papers. Or at least use the ones I have from Penland.

There was a lot of great creative work on display. But my two
favorites tie in to my favorite Penland activities – books and puppets.

Be sure to check out
Patty Lee and Bookwyrm Art

I’m very excited about her star books and meeting her book arts friends.

Also, I really loved Owly
Shadow Puppets.

I hope that teach classes. Maybe I can figure out how to make Mr. Pei

Now it’s time for a snacky-snack.

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