My Daily Phone Call to Raleigh

It’s come to this. I’m super annoyed that I am going to have start making phone calls to my government representatives everyday. But I thought I would at least simplify things for myself. Maybe you should consider creating a new contact page, too.

Look up your state representatives here to find their names and numbers. After you call, push the blue dot next to their number and add them to the contact page, which I named in the business field. Then add a custom label found at the bottom of the page. I included the House or Senate position first and then their name second, so I would know who I was calling. I plan to add my US representatives eventually.

No need to go into a lengthy diatribe, unless you feel you need to get something off your chest. Just say I’m in favor or opposed to House or Senate Bill (insert number here). You know it is a House Bill if the letter has an H in front of it and S for Senate. Often you just leave a message, as with the Governor just now. Yesterday I called once only to learn of another bill I opposed later. Maybe I need to jot all of the bills down so I can just give them a quick laundry list all at once. The person answering the phone just writes down the bill number and if you are in favor or are opposed. Simple, but important.

It’s sad to say that we just can’t wait to 2014 to make a change with our votes. By then NC will be home to mega landfills of other states’ trash. And Lucy will be entering kindergarten with no limits to the class size. And too many other changes to mention. Our state government is attracting international attention and not in a good way. Things are happening so fast, you won’t be able to recognize North Carolina in 2014. I wouldn’t risk waiting to see what happens.

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