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I just ran across this sweet little video on cosasminimas, a Spanish illustrator’s blog, which I frequent. I should say that it is to practice my Spanish, but that is not the case. I just love her work and she also features some work by other amazing artists, including this video by Readymade FC aka Jean-Phillpe Verdin of France.

Check out this quote from ReadyMade FC’s bio:

Some artists burst into the public consciousness as moon-faced adolescents, buzzing with the novelty of youth; others take the road less travelled, easing their way under the spotlight, slowly honing their chops in a thousand tiny venues. Still others spend their time piecing together a musical vocabulary in innumerable studio backrooms, all-rounders who eat, drink and breathe the mechanics of music until, almost by osmosis, they evolve into brilliant artists in their own right.

Jean-Philippe Verdin – aka Readymade FC – is a prime example of the latter.
His highly evolved musical world is an endlessly alluring hybrid of
electronic exotica, pop sophistication and miscellaneous acoustic delights,
representing the full flowering of a twenty-year career spent distilling a
very particular musical vision.

In other words, Henry will probably love him. Could Readymade FC become the new Jens Lekman of our household? I swear some of his lyrics haunt me through the night. Like this song, captured live in concert.

The sampled shag music at the end of this video should be a giant clue that we have to go to this concert. I am sort of sorry that I ruined the surprise for myself.

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  1. Renee

    Those videos are neat-o! Have fun at the Jens Lekman show. Man I wish he was coming to NC.

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