I finally have the pieces up in Calvary’s library. The origami boxes for week nine are on the altar and the manna/cotton balls are spread around ready for collecting. I can’t believe that I am missing the week that involves any form of performance and participation. Plus it promises to be the largest week attendance wise. On the other hand, maybe it’s best if I’m absent when the chaos ensues.

I have already posted a few pictures of the origami boxes made out of Street Sense. I love using text and chance in my work. Just make it and see what pops out. I loved placing the boxes so that you could read various pull quotes and headlines from this local newspaper, which represents DC’s homeless population. Words like code of standards, HIV/AIDS, inflation and jobless are hard to miss.

I bought three papers to create a total of a dozen boxes. I had to hide three of the boxes made from the same page. A big fat bold headline for an ad asks, “Pissed Off Yet?” It points out that a million Americans are homeless, yet we have spent $500 billion on the war. I guess that number continues to grow with hurricanes and inflation. I didn’t want to place the headline in the hands of four year olds and hyper eleven year olds. My hope is those pieces will stay just were they are.

So I’m anxious to hear how Sunday goes. And anxious to get on the road for Brandi’s wedding. And even more anxious in figuring out how to unearth my car from its peppering from being in the same parking spot for the last two weeks. I don’t think I can even find my way to 395. This is going to be a challenge. If bird poop was manna from heaven, you could say that God was feeling extra generous towards me.

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