May Recap

May was a tremendously busy month. I knew that it was going to be and it did not disappoint.

First of all, both of the kids’ birthdays are in May, as well as my Dad’s. Plus Mother’s Day, our anniversary, a school performance, the ballet recital and a million events for Elon’s graduation. Oh! And we completely forgot our fourteenth wedding anniversary. (Don’t get married in May, especially if one of you is academia!) The reality is May is going to be this busy for us every year. It makes December look like a breeze.

Even though I had every intention to blog ten times during May, I did not blog once. So I am hoping to have a quick recap and then I will get back on track of writing more. Following are some shots from Instagram.

This little guy is my sweet #joy! Two years have flown by. Wow. #100daysofjoy #the100dayproject #oneword #birthday #two #taurus

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Celebrating on Oliver’s Birthday

We celebrated Dad and Oliver’s birthday at the new art park in Downtown Winston.

Enjoying these two before bedtime on Mother’s Day!

Enjoying Lucy’s new sidewalk chalk from her sixth birthday. I am now devoted to the Crayola brand. They are bright, don’t break when thrown and do not roll around.

Least I forget, this happened fourteen years ago!

All hair! #citymarket #sogso #joy #100daysofjoy

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Lucy and I snuck in a mother/daughter night at the Railroad Track Party aka City Market.

Henry refreshed his herb garden.

We all bounced in this dinosaur at a Memorial Day cookout.

I spoke at Moral Monday in Raleigh regarding coal ash and fracking in Stokes County. (More on this soon!)

We wound down the month with a little “rest and digest.”

It's that time! #joy #100daysofjoy #the100daysproject #oneword #mycuttinggarden

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We have so much to be thankful for! Especially that we thrived through May. Only a few stumbles along the way.

Tomorrow I head to Atlanta for a training in Godly Play. So more adventures ahead.

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