Making Sense of a Dream

I had a strange dream early last week. That is not unusual. But I had a hard time wrapping my mind around what happened.

It was a fairly lengthy dream. I was walking down a few hallways, watched the news on TV, talked to some people… Finally we left. As we tried to drive away, I realized we our wheels were spinning. I looked down and we were parked on top of bags of collected plastic bags, which were upside down and floating in a dark pool of water. It wasn’t until the bags parted a little did I realize that we were on top of water and weren’t going anywhere. Although we weren’t sinking either. And technically, I think we were standing there and not in a car. But you know how dreams are.

Anyway, I just thought the whole bag thing was weird. I have a lot of weird dreams, but it totally stumped me. Was this an environmental dream? I am guessing that it would not have shown up in a dream journal. But still, I just kept thinking about the floating bags stuffed full of bags.

On Friday, we visited The National Arboretum. It is one of our favorite places to visit, especially the koi. I never have money to buy food, but two generous strangers gave Lucy the chance to feed the fish. This is what happened.

Finally the dream made sense. Okay, well the dream doesn’t really make sense. But visually it does. Somehow… notice how the fish ride atop of the others’ backs.

As an aside, you will also hear Lucy’s favorite word, mas, or more in Spanish. She’s bilingual. Right? Does that count? My favorite is when she says “More mas.”

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