making a move

So… this past week, instead of posting note cards or posting almost anything to get that annoying video off of this page, I worked on transferring this blog over to WordPress. I am pretty excited about it. After playing around with the sidebar items, I decided that my next step should be to sit down with my notebook and sketch out what I want my blog to look like. I think that as the site evolves, all of my projects will flow seamlessly into one site. I can’t wait.

Until then, Henry and I are struggling with our fundamental differences on how we eat Popsicles. Lucy is in the bed before 8 pm. And when we return from Thanksgiving next Monday, a week from tomorrow, we will drive into the basement of our building and leave the car there and not give it a second thought. We have rented a space and my days of street parking are over. Now that is something to be thankful about!

As we approach the National Day of Listening, enjoy listening to my own YouTube sensation. I received an email from YouTube to say that I could collect ad revenue now that my numbers are growing on this video. Now I just need to figure out why Google AdSense disapproved my application long ago. And what happened to the email that states why.

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