Make a Wish!

My only pregnancy anxiety nightmare involved Lucy’s birthday party. I had it in January and somehow it was related to Leah’s wedding. We were visiting Hanging Rock State Park. I don’t remember the full details, but I did remember waking up thinking “What am I going to do about Lucy’s birthday party?”

This spring Lucy would go into great detail planning her birthday party with Grams. Every time she spent the night with her grandma, Lucy would discuss what she wanted for her party. This would include the guest list, where people would sit and what kind of food they were going to have.

I think this all stemmed from their frequent outings to Dewey’s Bakery. They now offer ice cream in the back of the store. You can sit at these little tables and eat right next to the cake display. Mom’s wedding cake was from Dewey’s and Lucy also picked out a five or seven tier wedding cake for her birthday. Each visit they look at the book and talk about what Lucy wanted for her party. Fortunately they ended up making a more reasonable choice than a wedding cake.

The cake was quite beautiful and delicious. Besides struggling with the candles, I think that Lucy had a great time.

I am so thankful that mom planned and hosted this event. I only provided a few decorations and the treat bags of leftover Halloween candy. I almost bailed on the birthday cd, but we managed to finish it just in time. I was gluing labels on the remaining envelopes just before the first guests arrived.

Thank you, Grams! It was a great party.

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