Lunchtime Listening: The Nutcracker

This morning Lucy watched The Nutcracker on On Demand. It is rather lengthy, but she mainly enjoys twirling around and playing while the story unfolds. To avoid meltdowns when I turn off the TV, I always play music during lunch. It makes it much easier to transition into quiet time. The Philadelphia Orchestra performed this recording of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite on November 26, 1934.

Granted, I have never understood the full story until we read a new picture book at Barnes and Noble on Friday night. I must say that it is excellent, abbreviated version with gorgeous pictures. It also follows the ballet, unlike the version I picked up from the library last week. I may have to send her dad back to pick it up for her.

Last night while we were running errands at Target, we spent a few minutes looking at their collection of nutcrackers, which range from rock stars to armed soldiers. She enjoyed looking at each one and figuring out how they work.

While eating our lunch, she has handed me her imaginary nutcracker, which I throw in the air. Then moments later, I am “George” or the godfather. I wrap the nutcracker back up and hand it to her. She thinks that the Godfather is George Washington, because they have the same hair style.

We are very excited to go to The Puppet Company at Glen Echo on Wednesday morning to see their Tiny Tots presentation of the Nutcracker. I am sure that she will be thrilled.

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  1. Taylor

    So funny! Silas is obsessed with the Nutcracker! We’ve been watching the version that Netflix has on Watch Instantly. He watched it twice this weekend!

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