Lucy’s Three Favorite Books

According to Lucy, these are her three favorite books. According to her mother, I’m not so sure about that.

Lucy's Three Favorite Books

Yes, absolutely. Lucy loves this Sound of Music pop-up book. It is not based on the movie, so there is no governess sub-plot. But Maria twirls on the first page and almost all of the lyrics are included on little inset books. What’s not to love?

Lucy's Three Favorite Books

This is a fine Curious George book. We picked it up at the Calvary yard sale. It does not include the horrifying kidnapping of the original book in the series. (Be forewarned!) Nor is it completely boring like the new animated series versions. The weather book makes me want to stab myself. Nope, I do not mind Curious George Goes to an Ice Cream Shop.

But wait for it…. Lucy’s new favorite is….

Lucy's Three Favorite Books

Yep, she picked this treasure up on Sunday. The teeny comic book size is totally appealing. But the plot? Midway through The Terror of Tri-Klops there is a promotional spread of the He-Man characters, which identifies them as friends or foes. Well, actually good or evil.

Lucy pointed to the bottom of the page and said she wanted THAT… Castle Grayskull. I told her good news. Someone that I lived with when we were little children had one. I asked her if she knew who it might be. I said that I was a little girl and he was a little boy and we both lived at Grams’ house. She said I don’t know. Then I said he was my brother. Then with a little more prodding she said Alex.

Thanks to Alex, all of our childhood toys are very well organized in the attic. And my friend, I’m happy to let you play with Castle Grayskull if Alex says it’s okay. And it STAYS at Grams’ house.

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