Lucy’s First Hair Cut

We are supposed to have our family portrait made in about three weeks. After a lot of resistance, I thought I should follow Alex and Mom’s advice to get Lucy’s hair cut.

Lucy's First Hair Cut

To any of you who have seen Lucy lately, I’m certain you are thinking what are you talking about. But I thought maybe they were right. Maybe a little trim would help thicken up her hair. Alex is not amused by her little rat tail. Mom even compared Lucy’s hair to Jed’s. I pointed out that Jed’s hair was down between his shoulders when his hair was cut.

Lucy's First Hair Cut

I called Heather to make sure she could see Lucy. I warned her that Lucy might not let her cut her hair. And that she might not need it. And she agreed. So Lucy got a preview of her first hair cut, which may happen one or two years from now.

Lucy's First Hair Cut

And she got a sucker. Or “candy,” which is her new word for the day. She wasn’t very happy when she bit into the dum-dum and when the paper stick began to unravel.

Lucy's First Hair Cut

I was busy texting her dad, who is a staunch protector of Lucy’s locks.

Lucy's First Hair Cut

Thanks to Heather for Lucy’s first barrette instead. I wonder how long it will be before she lets me put it in her hair.

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