Lucy’s First Backpack

Lucy's First Backpack

Tomorrow we are headed off to Florida to celebrate Christmas with the Abuelos and Tio Tony. This will be Lucy’s first flight in ten months. I’m certainly optimistic that it will be better than the last, during which we wrangled her on our lap for over two hours.

Too celebrate the occasion and occupy her time, Lucy received her first backpack. We had been eyeing these Zoo series by Skip Hop for a while. The animals are so cute and it was hard for me to decide which one I liked best. Fortunately she pointed out the ladybug one day at Buy Buy Baby. I think she mainly loves it because red is Lucy’s favorite color. So how can you go wrong with red and pink?

Needless to say, Lucy was over the moon with her backpack. She immediately put it on and started filling it with random puzzle pieces from various puzzles. I finally turned on a Super Why episode today to empty her backpack and fill it with what I hope will make our two hour flight fly.

Lucy's First Backpack

Three pouches of applesauce from Trader Joe’s, two deflated air pillows aka trash bags and a pack of pacifier wipes that fortunately hadn’t dried up.

Lucy's First Backpack

Next I packed a notebook, a couple of Halloween puzzles, a hopping monster, colored pencils and suckers. I’m hoping most of these items will make it through both flights.

Lucy's First Backpack

A couple of activity books involving stickers.

Lucy's First Backpack

And two new items – “Chimpmunk’s ABC” and Curious George magnetic set, which includes a beach scene. We have her bathing suit packed and ready. I hope we manage to dip her toes in the water. Although it may be a tad cool, along with her attitude.

I’ll post some pictures of Lucy wearing her backpack tomorrow. I’m hoping it will serve as focusing her as maneuver through the airport. We are skipping the stroller this trip and sometimes just have her holding a cup helps her walk down the street. Who knows why.

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  1. Alex

    I would like a picture of her with wearing the backpack.


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