Lucy’s baby dedication

This weekend, we celebrated Lucy’s baby dedication at Calvary Baptist Church.

I am pretty certain she knew exactly what Pastor Edgar was saying about her in Spanish. And she loved Amy’s baby parade to meet the congregation. It was a very sweet event. To top it off, it was also the Children’s Sabbath.

After the church service, we had a sheet cake during coffee hour. Then we ate waaay too much food at Jaleo. Once our lunch at Jaleo was over, I thought, I wish weddings were that easy.

Here are some excellent pictures from Claudia. I will download and post mine (and others) soon, including a picture of her embroidered slip. So far, we have been resting today and trying to tackle some of our leftovers from the weekend.

2009 10 18_0384_edited-1

2009 10 18_0386_edited-1

2009 10 18_0388_edited-1

2009 10 18_0389_edited-1

2009 10 18_0390_edited-1

2009 10 18_0391_edited-1

2009 10 18_0392_edited-1

2009 10 18_0393_edited-1

2009 10 18_0394_edited-1

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  1. Anonymous

    Lucy is adorable as usual!

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