Lucy’s 9 Month Check-up

Lucy loves the buttons on this ottoman.

Lucy loves the buttons on this ottoman.

Lucy went to the doctor today. She had a great visit. She weighs 19 lbs 5.5 oz and is 27 inches tall. Plus her head circumference is 17.5 inches. This puts her at 50% for weight and head, but 25% for height. Mom pointed out that she has even lost some weight since her last visit in January. At that time, she weighed 19 lbs and 10 oz. Maybe it’s all of this pulling up and standing.

Despite her increased mobility, she still doesn’t know how to sit up if she is flat on her back. I am not sure why. She tries to lift her head straight up. I guess she hasn’t figured out that she can roll to one side and give herself a little lift with her arms. It is a great ab workout, though. Plus I need all of the help with keeping her down that I can get. This means that I haven’t found her standing in her crib again. It was only when I left her sitting up and playing with her toys one day. But we still will move the crib down. I know that there is lots of concern for this. ASAP!

The hard part is that Henry comes home right in the thick of our evening routine. I have tried to warn him that he needs to be ready to see her and spend time with her as soon as he arrives home. For the last two nights, we have finished her dinner and she is bathing in the tub. She has figured out how to stand up in the inflatable bath tub. So once she realizes he is home, she will stop playing and stand up. She is ready for Daddy. Or “Dada.”

I would also like to point out that this three-quarter sleeves top used to be a dress. Check out this picture from way back when. Henry makes fun of her outfit in this picture. He says she looks like a ragamuffin. I will admit, some baby outfits look better on the changing table than on the baby.

Otherwise, it was a great check-up. She survived her shots. And at this point I am keeping my fingers crossed that we are about to enter our second night of her sleeping all the way through.

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  1. jennifer

    she is looking so grown-up!

  2. Dadadada

    I believe I said she looked like a gypsy grandmother or hare krishna.

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