Lucy y Los Abuelos

Three weeks later… This is how they spent their days. Martina would hold Lucy for three hours straight. Antonio would analyze her every move even while she was sleeping. It was really nice to spend some time in my bedroom alone reading, writing in my journal, napping and just being alone. But after they left (and ever since), she has wanted to be held A LOT!

Today I figured out a trick. I put her in the carrier and waited until she made some streching moves. Then she was happy to hang out on the floor for a while. I also moved her Moses basket on the rocking stand next to the window. She loves looking outside, so she kicked and rocked herself for a little while this afternoon. It seems like there is a constant challenge of finding a place for her to be content.

Henry went to Wilco tonight. My Grey Gardens Bonus footage date with Carol fell through. So I checked to see if Rocky wanted to order pizza. He just held the baby while ate. Works for me! I also managed to run around and almost finish my bottle organization project before a major blow out that sent Rocky running. I hope that Lillian’s lap quilt is not ruined.

Another note about the video: Martina speaks way more English to Lucy than to me. We want her to learn Spanish, but I don’t believe that I can take the lead on that project. Throughout the weekend, Henry would say, “Spanish, mom!” I predict we need immersion day care or a long trip to Spain.

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