Lucy Meets Jennifer

It has been brought to my recent attention that I have not been posting as thoroughly as I should be. One place I have fallen short are highlighting Lucy’s visitors this summer.

I really wish that I had taken pictures with all of her visitors. I know that my dad would have managed this. I guess I didn’t marry my dad. And since I am in charge of the baby, sometimes I forget about the pictures. And then there was that one time when she ran off Dave, Lily and Veronica upon their arrival. Sorry, guys! Their visit last week looked a little like this shot with Alex and Jennifer:

She just needed her paci!

Before the tears…

Alex, by far, wins the most frequent visitor award. I am not sure if his miles will beat Sherri’s trek from San Diego, but I am imagine that a simple Google map check might resolve the answer. However, he hitched a ride with Jennifer, who was heading to DC in early August. Jennifer and I had a chance to catch up sans baby when I picked Alex up from the hotel room. But we were able to successfully direct her downtown from beyond the beltway. She finally met Lucy. Here are a few more shots from early August.

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