Lucy at 18 Months

At 6:35 pm tonight, Lucy will be precisely 18 months old.










Karen gave Lucy the sweet outfit in the first pictures. She had not worn it yet, so I thought it was a good option for the photo shoot. But after a while, I decided that it was too cold, even for the pictures. And Henry said she looked like Trudy from Mad Men in her maternity mumu. So we changed back into what she wore to church today.

I could not get her to look at me during the pictures. Major kudos to photographers who are able to capture great pictures of kids. It is no easy feat.

At 18 months, Lucy loves to eat. She for the most part eats whatever we are having. A few times, I have bought her a kids meal if we are out and I don’t think that she will have enough sharing with me. That also means that most of my meals are super-sized. Because she eats a lot. And she is a social eater. She eats a lot less if she eats alone. So almost all meals are family meals.

We also call her little Edith, because she will eat almost everything in a slow and steady race. My grandma would have a huge plate, which you couldn’t imagine she would ever eat. An hour later, you would look over and it was clear. Same here. Her favorite foods include pasta, noodles, and beans. She could eat an entire can of garbanzo beans by herself, and was really happy last week when Dad made chickpea ragout. Sometimes other people have given her a meal and give up too soon. Generally, she will begin to clear her plate when she is finished by wiping her arm back and forth across the table.

I think that her patience grows from the opportunity to use forks and spoons. She has to have a fork and a spoon for almost every meal now. I would give her a baby spoon and she would cry out for mine. I also let her use cocktail forks, but she has started using our largest forks with great success. Sometimes she will accumulate three utensils in one hand and keep working. I have even managed to get her to eat things she would normally skip, like pineapples or brussel sprouts, just because she managed to get them on her fork. She may also like brussel sprouts because her dad sometimes has a heavy hand with the salt.

Still no sentences, though she’s started to string together different sounds, which the experts say is the last step before talking. But she can say “dada,” “uh-oh,” “wow” and “hola” pretty much at will.

We’re off to Jaleo for a birthday paella, and then to Pitango for a sorbet. Happy birthday, Lucy! You make every day so much fun.

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  1. Kara

    Chickpea ragout sounds fantastic! Going to try it out this week-

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