Lucy at 14 Months


Lucy is fourteen months old today.


Wow! I just read last year’s post and let’s just say we are in a much better place than we were a year ago. But she was pretty cute. And teeny.


I pulled out one of her eight dresses she received for her birthday. She has not worn this one yet.


I love the cute colorful flowers embroidered on the hem.


It is a little bigger than I thought and a little dressy for a Wednesday. I took it off of her relieved that another sweet corduroy dress the same size will fit in the fall.



This week she has really solidified her walking. She is still toddling. And falling, especially when she is tired. It is almost like a barometer. But she hops back up and keeps going. She is also interested in carrying objects, like the large soft blocks in the special programs room in the library. She ran around with them during a presentation of the Flying Dutchmen. She loved it. And she slept great! She also loves playing with bags. Mainly putting bags on her shoulders and walking with them.





She also pushes everything that will move – chairs, side tables, her stroller. As you will note, she also loves the idea of climbing on top of boxes, like the diaper box. I ordered the huge box of diapers and she has spent a lot of time talking to the babies on the box. She also loves looking at the pictures covering the entire Sesame Street DVD box set.


After a week of being trapped inside from the heat, she has become more affectionate. Last week, she was biting me. This week she is kissing me. I guess we all needed a vacation, even if it was only 38 hours long. Her kisses are open mouthed. You get pretty wet. Every once in a while, she will make a smacking sound, though it usually comes too late. And she will throw in a few zerberts. She is quite pleased with herself. Plus she is extra cuddly when she wakes up from a nap or in the morning, which is very sweet.


Tonight we went to dinner at Dino. We tried to go to Comet Ping Pong, but they were closed for a private function. I wish that we knew that before driving 45 minutes to learn the bad news. But she did great at dinner. She enjoyed sitting on the sidewalk next to a very busy corner. She never once tried to stand in her high chair and it was a very looong dinner. Good thing we had a super late nap today.

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  1. Kara

    Missing Cleveland Park!

  2. jennifer

    So sweet! Is that octupus in honor of Spain?

  3. Caroline (Author)

    Jennifer, that was totally unintentional, but awesome!

    Kara, we missed dining with you!

  4. Kim

    Hmm, I might miss Cleveland Park too! Happy month birthday, Lucy! I reread month 2–you HAVE come a long way. (Whew! I am happy we are at 9 and a half months!!! A)

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