Little Righty O

Little Righty O by carolinearmijo
Little Righty O, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Oliver is finally out of it enough that I can lay him down. My guess is this little guy is a righty.

I have noticed that he always likes to have his hands free and up by his face. This can be a problem with swaddling. Yesterday the lactation consultant said they always like to be in similar poses to his life in utero.

Throughout the entire pregnancy, I tried my best to sleep on my left side just to keep him in an ideal position for delivery. And literally in delivery, I was laboring on my left side when I picked his body up from my left side, rolled on to my back and tried to push him out of my stomach with my hands.

For the last four months or so, Oliver’s right hand was on on my right hip. I was scared he was going to use it to brace himself and not come out. It was not exactly comfortable. But it was reassuring that he was not breech. That was a huge relief. Otherwise I would still be in the hospital!

This righty preference also means that O loves to nurse on the right side and I have to do some funky hold to get him to nurse on the left. I need to be aggressive so that I don’t end up totally lopsided. But I don’t think this blog is going to turn into another place for me to lament my breastfeeding woes. I know my brother is relieved.

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