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Last week, I read on Elise’s blog that the Georgetown Paper Source has an exciting new feature, an outlet section. Until Friday, I had not worked in quite a few weeks, so this news intrigued me. Needless to say when I went to work on Friday, I spent most of my time browsing the outlet section, which just so happens to be part of my section.

The outlet section is broken down into price groups – $5, $10, $15 and $20 sections. Plus a huge array of Arturo stationery at 75% off. This is a steal and one of Elise’s readers even came in just to check out the selection of fine Italian papers. The outlet section is a new permanent feature on the second floor. So we will continue to receive a wide array of merchandise on a daily basis. For me, this means trouble. I love a bargain.

I started out with a huge pile of baby books, including these two super cute books.

Little Hoot illustrated by Jen Corace

The First 1000 Days: A Baby Journal by Nikki McClure

But by the end of my four-hour shift, I had put back all of the baby items and stuck to my first love, paper, a Kolo album, and the set of five nesting boxes seen above. I have a few baby showers coming up and I thought maybe I should wait before buying lots of baby stuff. Plus I could not have a net negative for the day. I needed to at least break even.

But these nesting boxes are a great deal at $10 for all five. They are typically sold separately. I knew that we were planning on picking up the Ikea bookshelf for the nursery. It’s a great shelf, but sometimes the containers to hold smaller items in the shelf can be quite expensive and add up quickly. These little boxes were a steal. And there patterns are more available, if you have a nesting urge, too. But not in this pattern, at this point. But who knows about next week. And that is very exciting news.

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  1. jonahthewhaleandmore

    You know I have the first 1000 days. I love it and write on it all the time. Our friend Frank bought it for us from Olympia.
    It’s really a cool book…better than any baby journal.

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