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I must admit that I am way behind on my Christmas gifts this year. Fortunately, Lia emailed me to see if I wanted to do lunch tomorrow and I believe that it is going to turn into a impromptu shopping trip, as well. Maybe, just maybe, I won’t have to move my car until we drive home for the holidays.

I usually buy a small gift for all of our little cousins, meaning my cousins’ children. I have taken on the responsibility for being my immediate family’s gift-bearer for this generation. Otherwise Christmas can just get a little out of control. And what is Christmas without buying gifts for kids. So I am happy to do this with no little ones in our family yet. Plus I usually try to buy a gift for a kid through a local non-profit. This year, I plan to donate a gift as part of the Penn Quarter Holiday Gala, which should be a lot of fun.

Last year, I quickly personalized these sweet little suitcases for the little ones in our family. I bought these from Paper Source. But I have also seen them in other online stores, including here at Mahar Drygoods, a very sweet store with lots of beautiful toys for children and groovy CDs for the entire movie.

Start with a set of rub-on alphabet, a pair of scissors and some regular tape.

Cut out the letters for all of your names.

Line up the name using a straight edge, like a counter top.

Add a piece of tape on the bottom side of the names. It doesn’t need to be very tacky. You are just using the tape to hold the letters together and in place while you are rubbing the name on your suitcase. Place the taped letters together anywhere you like on your suitcase. Use the included popsicle stick-like instrument to thoroughly rub the name onto the suitcase. Then remove the plastic backing.

Enjoy! – Check out the photo set from last Christmas.

I remember loving anything with my name on it as a kid. I would endlessly search the pencil and eraser racks at the mall for anything with a Caroline on it. Back then, I never found a Caroline in the sea of Amanda’s, Laura’s and Melissa’s. When I went to college, I can’t tell you how many Kelly and Jennifer’s were on our hall. There was only one other Caroline. Somehow we became known as The Good Caroline and the Bad Caroline. I bet you can’t guess which one I was.

The year I finally figured out how to get exactly what I wanted for Christmas (and yes, it did involve sharing my Christmas list with my mom), I received a lap desk that had my name written on it with a paint pen. I was so excited. I loved it. It was like I received something completely magical. Between the personalized lap desk, my mini-trampoline and a Cabbage Patch kid, I was in heaven. I remember thoroughly documented everything I received that year on a lined Care Bears notepad, which is probably floating around the attic somewhere.

So if you are looking for a quick personalized gift, try this sweet little suitcase project. I have been so excited to see the suitcases as I visit my various aunt’s homes over the holidays this year. Each one seems to contain something completely different. When I was home for Thanksgiving, I noticed that Ian’s was full of various polished rocks. Now that rocks.

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  1. the Rab

    breathless in anticipation for this year’s creative surprise!

  2. Caroline Armijo

    the pressure is on! so far, i’ve got nothing…

  3. the Rab

    i was showing ian your blog and he is very intrigued by your banner with the photo of the chinese friendship gate. i think he would like to come and visit you in DC and see some more building like this. he thinks they might have ninja swords there. so i think we may need to plan something now for real. LOL. (i had to explain LOL to ian, and it made him LOL while throwing his head back, very funny!)

  4. Caroline Armijo

    I know of the perfect store for Ian. I am not sure how many fake swords they have. Are you sure that you are ready?

    Ian laughs because secretly he knows that one day he will have more computer knowledge than his dad.

  5. the Rab


    (until next week…)

  6. the Rab

    oh they already have 4 plastic ninja swords from the local dollar tree, they’re looking to upgrade. i could see the gears turning. 😉

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