Little painter

Little painter

Little painter

Little painter

Little painter

Lucy did such a great job holding this giant paint brush, I thought maybe she was ready for a little paint.

I bought these Crayola All-in-One Paint Tadoodles. They are like weeble woobles with paint inside and a brush for a hat. They don’t even have a lid. You press the brush on the paper until it comes out. Sort of like those metallic paint markers.

I had read negative reviews about the crayon holder, stamps and markers. So I thought I’d give the paint a try. I grabbed a pack from Target earlier this week.

Lucy totally got it. But I didn’t get that she was going to eat it. And then eventually wipe it in her eyes. It IS washable. But her little scratch on her nose looked extra blue the next day.

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  1. Sarah

    Looks like a great way to celebrate a birthday! J tried those markers, too, and mostly just tried to eat them… Lucy got a lot more on the paper than he did!

  2. Caroline (Author)

    The reviews said the markers were hard to get the ink out. And I helped out a little.

    We did not paint today! I am trying my best to start cleaning as I can for her party.

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