Little kitchens

That’s what was on my mind last night when I went to bed. I have a tendency to start thinking about all of my projects at once. I am in the midst of preparing all five of my remaining art projects for Advent. And my deadline ends after Santa needs to finish his packing. So… I’ve been thinking about little kitchens. This morning we went to clean some rocks at church. And there were three abandoned kitchens. Actually there was a fourth full plastic kitchen that Lucy really loved. It displayed many years of love, complete with pen marks and missing doors.

Little kitchens

So after I shook the dust off of two different color pebbles, I took a few pictures. The first component is a kitchen sink. A faucet and handle are missing. The sink bin is broken. But maybe.

Little kitchens

This second one is handmade. But it is totally sturdy and features a stove top and a door to work as an oven. The burners need to be painted or replaced. This one has the most potential. I think it just needs a little TLC and may take less time than putting together a new one from Ikea.

Little kitchens

The third piece is a sweet little cupboard. Other than the missing handles and peeled veneer, it is in great shape. I think it could be a nice place to keep her supplies at the studio. I’m going to have to move my chair on the opposite side of my desk anyway. It is very hard to use an exacto knife and watch a toddler run around behind you. I think the top one is too much work. So my vote is for the second one. When you look into the coat of food and dishes, it really adds up. So it would be great to clean this little kitchen up. But what are your thoughts? Should I forget it and buy one from Ikea? Should I just wash it off? Or should I really doll it up? I would love to see a little sink cut in the top and maybe a little window for the top oven. Thoughts? What’s your experience with play kitchens? There seem to be a lot of options. It is a tad overwhelming. At this point, I’m trying to limit the accessories. Am I nuts to think that 73 pieces of plastic food is not a bargain?

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  1. Roslyn

    go for the second one! doll it up – it looks like it could be fun. i agree – cutting into the top and the door would be cool. who knows where it could lead! have fun!

  2. I personally would go for all three. The kitchen needs a sink, a stove and a cupboard. The clean up should be pretty fast and they will last much longer than the ikea one ( which is also adorable). I ran a daycare for 19 years and those kitchen items are made for many years of hard use. The sink unit may have never had a faucet. There were some sold that had a removable plastic tub for the sink and no faucet since it would be in the way of water play and removing a tub full of water (filling it with dry rice or dry beans is fun too). Take them all paint them in cool retro kitchen colors (maybe avocado) and cherish them for your children and grandchildren.

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