like a koala?

Find your own pose!

Thanks to Alyson of unruly.things, I took this online test to learn how I sleep.

Let me start by saying this is not how we sleep. I am sure that Henry would like to sleep this way. But I could not take having him face me all night, so we switched sides of the bed. This is at least the third time we have switched sides of the bed during our marriage. Interestingly, the test results said that koalas make great lawyers.

I prefer to sleep on my stomach. I have taken a variety of online tests, but this one included some of the craziest questions I have ever been asked. Most of the questions, which mainly focus on your preferences, include incredibly obscure choices. You are supposed to answer quickly without thinking about your answer. I tried, but I was totally stumped. Maybe that is how I ended up being a koala pinching a tree. Could I have possibly been channeling Henry’s answers instead of my own?

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