Leanin' by carolinearmijo
Leanin’, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Day by day, Oliver is getting braver with his pulling up, standing and cruising. We were so proud of him on Sunday as he stood leaning against mom’s leg. The last several days, we would find him crying uncertain of how to move or get down. Today we clapped when we watched him drop to his bottom on his own. And I am pretty certain he was officially cruising around during tonight’s movie night. Go, Little O, go!

In other news, he has a new tooth! The front bottom tooth on the left has broken through. It came through last Wednesday. I managed to take a picture and text it to my family. But it looked like sheer torture and I can’t bear to share it with anyone else. Despite all of the baby cuss words Oliver was spewing, you can see a blurry tooth edge and a white dot where his pointy canine poked through earlier this fall. It never moved up. Maybe that means crazy crooked teeth one day? Hard to say. We’ve all had braces here.

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