Lazy Sunday

Yesterday was my first day off since Thanksgiving. It was great not to have to run anywhere. Following church, we had a delicious bruch at Poste.

Although we intended to go to see Capote, I got pulled into a joint creative project with Henry – the first Christmas cards we have sent out in several years. (Surely I have sent some out since we have been married, although I can’t remember when.) We created a very limited run of less than 30. My mom even sent out 74 to church members and did not include me! The only reason that we did cards this year is because I was inspired by the snowflakes that we sell at Paper Source.

At the end of the night, I thought about how even Chris Parnell and Andy Sandberg even managed to get to the movies one Sunday. Their rap Lazy Sunday was the best thing on Saturday Night Live since More Cowbell with Will Farrell. I just sat there and cried. You have to watch this! Parnell and Sandberg, please make more videos. The movie trivia reference with Bruce Willis was the illest. It even brought back memories of my aunt packing popcorn and m&m’s in her purse for our trips to the summer matinees when we were very small.

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  1. Anonymous

    Glad to see we’re back on the blog. I was disheartened for several weeks that it had not been updated. I expect a new entry at least twice a week.

  2. Anonymous

    I just happened upon “Beyond Frienship’s Gate” and I have not enjoyed hearing about nothing so much since the Jerry Seinfeld show.

  3. the Rab

    wha? no card for me? i am your favorite male cousin. (i think?) i guess i’ll just sulk in the corner. *sniff*

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