It’s official! She’s a Tar Heel!

It's official! She's a Tar Heel!

This weekend was Henry’s fifth-year reunion from law school. Hard to believe. That also means five years in DC. I’m not even going to share another personal age-related statistic that is too depressing. But to my classmates, think about how long it has been since we went to college and do some simple math. Whoa. Ahem… On to better news…

Lucy did great! She only cried when a little boy punched her in the face and when Connor and Lilly got in their car at the end of the evening. We met them for dinner after the game.

It's official! She's a Tar Heel!

By the end of the game, Lucy was a pro at cheering, saying go go go, holding Grams’ bracelet in her mouth and eating French fries out of a cup. Miraculously she did not combust from the relentless sun. I had covered her in sunscreen in the law school locker room before hand. Grams surprised Lucy there. I’m pretty certain that I heard a Nana as she ran to find her. We may have a name change by the end of this week.

It's official! She's a Tar Heel!

I have never been so relieved to see the night’s sky.

It's official! She's a Tar Heel!

Hey, why that’s our neighbor! This was Rocky and Josh’s first trip to Chapel Hill. Of course we had to get a pic. College fish bowl is being held outside of the apartment this week. I’ve heard Rocky is holding court at He’s Not Here. Mom had a hard time grasping that name. She asked what was the appeal. I told her picnic tables outside. I forgot to mention the blue cups.

It's official! She's a Tar Heel!

Our first family portrait on campus. Rah, rah, Caolina-Lina.

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  1. Debra Cooper-Stewart

    How poignant! I love seeing you passing the Tar Heel heritage on to your beautiful daughter. Lucy looks so much like her mama. Beautiful.

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