It’s Here!

Lucy standing in front of this week's activities

Kindergarten is here!

Lucy's first day of school picture

Since Lucy is going to a Spanish Immersion program, we are wondering will she be Lucia or Lucy.

Lucy or Lucia?

All of her classroom labels say “Lucia.” So we will see.

This year, I am taking Lucy to school so that Henry can stay home with Oliver and have a less rushed time getting ready for work. Today we talked about what if Lucy can’t understand what her teacher is saying to her. They only speak to them in Spanish. I told her that they would probably start with “Hola!” And she knew that word. Then we talked about all of the people that we know that speak Spanish. She seemed fine. I teared up while driving, but held it together at school.

Lucy in front of her school

We parked way far away from school, so we stopped for just a brief second to snap a picture outside.

Lucy before entering her classroom

Lucy looks a little more apprehensive here, as she enters her classroom. She wasn’t sure if she had a cubby, because we didn’t look for it during Open House. I wasn’t sure if I should go with her into the classroom. But then I saw another mom and headed in. We found her cubby, where we placed her lunch box and “backcack.” Then she skipped to her seat. A friend from Pre-school is facing her at her table. Lucy is also seated right next to the teacher’s desk. I hope that will keep her in line!

Lucy is also the first child on the roster. Talk about a big change from my childhood when I was a Rutledge. Sorry, folks, we will probably be skipping out on college graduation early.

I asked mom this morning. When we were kids, we didn’t know who our teachers were in advance. We all gathered in the gym and waited for the teachers to call our names one by one. Then we walked across the gym floors by ourselves and lined up to head to class. (Granted we also didn’t have to take grocery bags and boxes of school supplies to school either.) One year I had this snazzy brass name plate that fit over the top of my back pocket. It said Caroline in cursive. It popped out as soon as I stood up and fell on the floor with a clang. Just now I wonder if that was really supposed to be a bookmark.

We are headed out for an ice cream celebration after school. I am so excited about her update!

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