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Early Saturday morning, we are hitting Union Station and taking off to NYC. I wanted to see the Calder exhibit at the Whitney before it closes February 15th. So I didn’t fully consider the fact that it is winter and likely to be colder than it has been here in DC. So we should arrive a little before noon to a balmy high of 28 degrees. I think that was right around the same temperature at which I had a mini-panic attack after standing outside for the first three hours of waiting for the Inauguration.

But Sunday promises to bring us a much more bearable 40 degrees. And with that forecast, I can forge ahead and open myself up to a few more places to add to my Google map.

My top priorities:
Alexander Calder: The Paris Years 1926-1933 at the Whitney
Artists’ Books as (Sub)Culture at The Center for Book Arts
Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary at the Museum of Arts and Design

Then on to stroller test driving now that I have had my stroller consultation with the StrollerQueen!. This experience is going to make a great blog entry (or more). It has become a saga. I am not sure that I can write about it until I have finally wrapped my mind around which stroller is for me. And I think that involves getting behind multiple handlebars. I know that all of this sounds completely ridiculous.

Plus food and shops and all things great about NYC! So please share your must-sees with me. (And we will only be there until early Monday morning, so we probably won’t hit any big sights. Just short and sweet ones, predominantly in Midtown and below.)

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