In Honor of the Fifteen-Hour Workday


I tried to do a little maintenance work on my web site and decided to blog instead.

These are shots of the view from Covington’s offices on the 42nd floor of the New York Times Building, which is beautiful. We visited Henry there last week. I loved the garden in the center of the lobby. You can even see the exterior ceramic rods in the window reflection in this picture. Plus we did a little shopping at Muji before going up. I bought office supplies, a new broom/swiffer/mop system and two blouses. You have to love a store like that. Could Muji be the Japanese minimalist version of Target?

Technically, these photographs are from the conference room and the cafeteria. Henry’s office for the week did not include a window.

Visiting Dad at work
Rush Hour

Visiting Dad at work
Lucy loved the noise these made.

Glistening from the heat in front of the Chrysler Building

I received so many curious stares while pushing Lucy around NYC. There were countless smiles and people telling me how cute she is. But at some point I realized the looks might be in part related to the fact that she had her finger one digit deep inside of her nose. I am not sure how many miles she traveled this way, but I am guessing that may have partly explained our warm reception.

I mean, there are a lot of babies in NYC if you haven’t been lately. She is cute and all, but we didn’t leave Saturday with a modeling contract.

Happy Labor Day, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the holiday, even if you had to work.

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