In a Rut

My blog is getting boring. I know that… I also know this picture is
turned the wrong way. I am not sure if it is because I’m spending a
lot less time feeding her or what, which means less time with the
iPhone in my hand. I know that Henry won’t believe me.

We are now down to about 3.5 to 4.5 hours a day. Plus one evening pump
for twelve minutes, just on the off chance that I get to sleep until 8
am. I know all of this due to the handy nursing application on my
phone. It’s odd to me when we have multiple days of 3 hours and 31
minutes. Precisely. Not 3:29 nor 3:30 nor 3:32. 3:31. We just aren’t
that schedule oriented. At all. I do know that when she sleeps til 7,
I manage to accomplish so much more than when she sleeps until 5. I
wish the app included a happy face for the day. I often go back and
look for a reasonable first feeding of the day to see if there is a
secret hidden in between the lines. I still haven’t totally figured it
out. But I emailed my stars to Rocky to see if he could see anything.

I have been reading a lot more. I read Kurt Anderson’s Reset
yesterday. It’s pretty short, but thought-provoking. Plus when Lucy
needs distracting, we read Mary Poppins. And I have a couple of other
books on my nightstand. I started limiting the TV once I realized that
Lucy was actually watching it. Her little head would spin around, eyes
glued to the TV, as I turned her bouncy seat to block her view. I’m
not ready for Noggin yet. We did however watch marathon episodes of
Mad Men on demand. It was quite an addiction and now we are ready for
Season Three.

Plus I have been picking up on some of my final nesting projects. I
saved the bathroom for my last three weeks. Good thing nothing came of
it because we have been through quite a few bathroom stages since
then. We are now in what should be a steady routine for a while. So I
keep wanting to dive into it. I make tiny baby steps every few days.
But this is going to require a full Saturday at home with dad on board.

I’ve also started cleaning off our computers. Neither are happy. Plus
one has issues with programs. The other with space. Both need to be
backed up and rebuilt. I’m too chicken to dive right in. Especially
since all of our pictures are on our computers. We received a quote
for someone else to do this. It was two-thirds of a new computer.
Hmmm… So I’ve spent some late nights trying to delete duplicate
files and unused programs. I have roughly 25,000 photos on my iMac.
And no, that’s not the computer with the space issues. This is a big,
big job.

I have also started recycling magazines. This sounds like a no-
brainer. Just dump them in a bin. But I use magazines for some of my
art projects. So in an attempt to prepare for Arts on Foot in mid-
September, I am going through each magazine one at a time. I have a
better sense of what I’m looking for since I’ve planned what I want to
sell. I make small popup books of essentially a collage of visual
poetry. So I need tiny objects and large pictures to create the
backgrounds. I hope to make a dozen or so by the event.

Plus it’s time to close out my registries. That seems like a lot of
work in itself. But last week, I went through and figured out the few
things I want from where. Now I just need to plan a day to shop. Too
bad Lucy HATES being in her car seat. Maybe her first big trip
shouldn’t have been 13 hours in the car. Big mistake.

One of my favorite new activities is a standing date with Leah to
visit our weekly farmer’s market. More about that later. But it ties
in with my July ’09 recap… Blackberries, basil and breastfeeding;
Mad Men and Mary Poppins. I think I’m finally settling into this crazy
new life of being an urban mom.

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