I’m Alive!

I introduced Lucy to Xanadu this summer, which may have traumatized her. But she is a huge Gene Kelly fan, so I think that it was a natural progression. She will ask for stories about Kyra, her nine sisters and Xaaanaaduu-uuuu, just like she is singing it. So Xanadu has been on our minds this summer.


This week, I had three visitors from three different states in 24 hours. It was fantastic. Our house felt totally different by the time Lauren arrived from when John and Leah left. Sherri sat with me as the handy man completed five projects around the house, including hanging our mirror and lamp in the dining room. When it was said and done, I felt like the house was singing ELO’s “I’m Alive” from Xanadu. I actually clapped. Wow! What a little light can do.


Fortunately for me, I panicked that our gutters were packed and the master bedroom would fall off the house in the next rainstorm. That was not the case, but it was all I needed to convince Jeff to come over. I am hoping not to panic again over the house in the near future.

I feel like I have adopted a great-aunt born in 1929. One that I love and find charming and. She is super interesting and really put together. But once she moved in, I realized she needed a little assistance. I have been constantly worried about her with my three-year-old by my side jabbering about her imaginary baby-sitters turned siblings, Leeka and Luko non-stop. It is exhausting. Granted, I am finally starting to feel less myopic about the house. The timing is impeccable. The promise land of pre-k starts next week.

The studio is also progressing and maybe I will complete some projects for the Pyramid Atlantic show in November. Fingers crossed.

My mind is also turning towards our yard, which is gorgeous, but is probably the equivalent of a great uncle, who hasn’t trimmed his nose hairs in a decade.

Here are a few pictures. I know that I have a lot more to complete.




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  1. Sarah D.

    The house is looking great!!

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